Approaching destruction with whimsy, my current works explore the frustrations of living in a world in peril with little being done to correct our course.


My series of teeth cups and sculptures represent a tense dialogue between attraction and repulsion, soft lines and sharp edges. They are an examination of how we try, and often fail, to communicate with one another. A series of repressions and eruptions, they are vestiges of somatic emotional feedback, each vessel a jagged warning that our emotions can grow a life of their own as we struggle to assimilate them.  


The “Trophies of the Apocalypse” encompass my musings about what would be left of humanity to the scavengers we leave in our wake, as we recklessly drive collectively towards our own destruction. These vignettes juxtapose uncomfortable imagery within a ludicrous or even comical trope, inviting the viewer to explore ideas of human folly, impermanence, recycling, and rebirth. 


Artists Statement

© 2018 by Sara Torgison